Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moving forward, looking backward.

As some of you may know, I am getting ready to move downtown this weekend. I will no longer have to bike over the bridge or catch the bus (that's my stop above) which will make my life so much easier. While I cannot wait to live closer to the action, I am sad about leaving West Ashley behind. I have gotten used to biking to South Windermere, Avondale, and even across the bridge. Although my commute into town can be frustrating, exhausting, or time consuming, it has become part of my daily routine and something I often look forward to. Most days I pass the same groups of people, some of which have become my friends, whether its the bus driver or riders, bike commuters, dog walkers, post woman, or neighbors. The Byrnes Down community has its own little social circle and events that create a sense of community that is nice to be a part of. My two lovely neighbors will be the hardest to leave behind, their genuine and easy going conversations are something to look forward to whether out in the yard or walking the dog.

Yet the only thing I am truly worried about leaving is the greenway. Every morning my dog and I "suit up" and head out for our hour long walk (sometimes a little longer). This is Sadie's time to live it up and be her doggie doodle self. She gets to run free, follow trails, eat things, chase squirrels, and splash around in puddles. We often bump into her greenway doggle friends and she gets to have a little playtime action. Meanwhile I get to talk to neighbors, bird watch, search for four leaf clovers, drink my tea, and take pictures. While I know that I will find new adventures downtown and finally get to partake in "pup-park" playtime, I know that I will miss the relaxing trail feel of the greenway. So to commemorate my adventures, I took some pictures one of our last few outings this morning (because I finally got a new camera!!).

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L.Z.J. said...

You won't regret your move. I did the same thing five years ago. You will still find nice peaceful biking and dog walking around Hampton and waterfront park. You'll find the same great communities of outdoor lovers here too. Be sure to ride around Wagner Terrace and check out the short trail behind Longborough. The whole peninsula side of the Ashley is loaded with quiet green chances to experience the river and marsh. Good luck and welcome.