Thursday, February 12, 2009


Somedays I LOVE biking.... and well... somedays I HATE it. So here is my list of the things that make me feel this way.
I LOVE feeling so close to nature and capturing moments like the one above and below.

I HATE when it starts to rain and I don't have my gear with me.

I LOVE days when the air is warm and the breeze is to my back.

I HATE when I get out of class at night and have to bike home in the cold.

I LOVE how biking makes me feel so alive, unlike being stuck in a car.

I HATE the bruises that I always have up and down my legs.

I LOVE warm nights when I have the road to myself.

I HATE coming to meetings covered in sweat.

I LOVE when I pass other bikers and we have brief, friendly exchanges.

I HATE when cars run me off the road.

I LOVE riding on the handle bars of other peoples bikes.

I HATE having to justify riding on the sidewalk on Savannah Hwy...No bikelane+60mph=death.

I LOVE that I am starting to actually get into shape.

I HATE asking for rides places that I can't bike to.

I LOVE the biking community.

I HATE when something on my bike breaks that I don't know how to fix.

I LOVE when something on my bike breaks and a stranger helps me fix it.

I HATE not being able to take my doggle to the pup park.

I LOVE how not having a car often reveals people's generosity towards you.

I HATE having to bike when sick.

I LOVE not having to buy gas.

I HATE when my shoes get wet and my back gets mud splatters from the tires.

I LOVE ringing my bell.

I HATE missing out on stuff because I can't get there without a car.

I LOVE the peacefulness of biking at night, especially when I bike past the marsh.

I HATE breathing in all the fumes from the cars driving by.

I LOVE the knowing that I am one-less-car.

You can see where I have circled/arrowed a small egret that was spearing fish as they got pushed out of the overflow pipe during low tide. I have also caught a hawk taking a bath in a puddle about two feet away, saved a turtle from crossing the street, and had a blue heron casually walk in front of me.

At the end of the day, I LOVE biking and all of the friends and adventures it has brought my way :-)


jhota said...

Dalen said...

Solution: buy a supermoto bike. Mine got 63 miles per gallon and went 60 mph. If you only use it rarely, it will solve a few of your problems. Plus, girls on motorcycles=ULTRA HOTNESS

Yeah, i am actually a huge fan of Huxley. I havent heard of Garrett Hardin though.

I might end up seeing Rachel in a couple weeks up in DC. Think i am going up there for spring break. When is yours and what are you doing?