Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year :-) I know it has been awhile since I had a real was acutally my first day back on my bike since the 17th of December. I have been away from the blog for about two weeks... due to an injury, sickness, and vacation. Needless to say, after a brutal semester I decided to go for a celebratory ride. Next thing my sister is getting this call from me:

Me: "Hey Jules, I am in the emergency room because I hit my head really hard, do you have a credit card number I can use, I don't have my wallet with me."
Julie: "Oh my god, did you get hit by a car on your bike??"
Me: "Actually, no, I got bucked off a horse and dragged a few feet."
Julie: "Where you wearing a helmet?"
Me: "Yes, thank god... its the only reason why I am still conscious and talking to you."
Julie: " Well I guess that's what you get for horsing around. Okay. Sorry.. That was bad."

After they scanned my cat and took an look at my neck bones, it was determined that I had a mild concussion and whip-lash. I was told to stay off the horse and my bike for at least a week... which I thought was going to be hard. BUT as "luck" would have it, I must have scored some rowdy flu germs when I was at the doctors and with-in two days I couldn't get out of bed. This is all of course just in time for my vacation to Florida...which actually worked out well since I didn't have to bike anywhere or really do anything for that matter. Although I did managed to take one bike ride on a beach cruiser (in my bikini... to catch the sunset over the keys... awesome).

I felt better after a few days and managed to squeeze in some snorkeling and kayaking. The picture on the right is me and my sis taking the yak out for a spin... and just so you know I am wearing a strapless bathing suit so don't get any ideas. We tried to go wake boarding but my neck wanted no part in that. We also tried to go scuba diving but it ended with my dad thinking he had lost me on the reef, my sister getting in and directly out of the water, and me throwing up (four foot seas, jellyfish, six inches of visibility, and one small boston whaler...we knew it was a bad idea before we ever even got in, but what the hell, right?)

Overall I really enjoyed the trip, seeing my family, and soaking up the sun. I also scored some awesome gear for x-mas. If I had a working camera, I would post myself, all decked out, but since I don't you will just have to use your imagination. I now have a cute little blue translucent jelly bell, all different kinds of good biking socks, turtle fur in black and green (its a neck warmer), gloves, a jacket/hoodie, and two new aluminum water bottles. PLUS I got a bunch of new music for my commute. I added a little music player on the right hand side of my blog to give you a taste of my biking mix- although its kinda cut off... but it does the job. I will try and keep it updated :-)

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Dalen said...

yeah...horses are dangerous. i grew up around them and my mom still plays with them. stay away from them...nothing but trouble. I mean, you might get hurt on your bicycle, but it wont kill you (a car around you might...or a horse might).

the benefit of throwing up in the ocean is that squid and cuddlefish are attracted to it. learned that in the florida keys thanks to my dive buddy.

when your sweet bike socks wear out, you can cut the cuffs off of them and make sweeter writst bands.