Sunday, December 7, 2008

Its all downhill from here...literally.

So when I was flying back from Boston and trying to distract myself from hurling (yes, I am the reason they still put barf bags in the seat pockets), I was halfway watching these lame US airway travel commercials when I heard the word "bike". This of course triggered by bike-dar and I instantly started paying attention. In this moment, I discovered the holy grail of bike tours. Before this, I had never really wanted to go to Hawaii, but my jaw dropped (it was literally hanging open) when I saw that they offer a bike tour that is all downhill. On a volcano. FOR 38 MILES. In my shock and denial I said "shut-up" out loud, which made my neighbor with the window seat give me the hairy eye-ball, but I could have cared less (especially since I was the meat in our little airplane sandwich). So glorious would it be to rock out for 38 flippin miles on your bike with the warm wind in your hair and the tropical volcano scenery flying past? I am pretty sure it would be LEGEN-DARY. Say "aloha" to this short clip and brace yourself for a preview of lazy biker heaven.

Yes, it is pretty spectacular....but considering my aforementioned motion sickness problem, the idea of spending multiple hours trapped inside of a plane feeling like I just watched 10 hours of home video footage just isn't worth it, down-hill or not. So after all of that excitement, I realized that there are plenty of mountains to bike down, right here on the east coast... now I just need to find someone to drive me to the top and pick me up at the bottom- like a ski-lift for bikers (lazy, out of shape bikers like me). Any takers?


jhota said...

i've done Vesuvius on foot, so i guess i could handle coasting down Haleakalā.

downhill cyclists ride ski lifts all the time - but their bikes weigh 50 pounds, too.

and there's always Zoobomb.

americorpsrachel said...

you can go to killington mountain in vt, and the ski lift takes you to the top and you ride down mountain bike style!!! its a lot of fun did it when i was about 14

Mitch said...

I am game! but come visit here. And lets not use fixies....we know what happens when I go downhill at speed on a fixie.

Dalen said...

i have been to haleakala before...back when i used to live in Hawaii. its pretty sweet. Those dudes with the full face helmets...i bet they bomb down the off-road parts like crazy.