Friday, September 5, 2008

Ode to the Greenway

Nikki's Bike Blog Presents:

Real Men of Genius...
Cue the music for the Budweiser Commercials at this point.
(If you don't know what I am talking about, or just want to laugh at a funny commercial, check out this link. )

Today I salute you, Mr. Greenway-Inventor Man
Mr. Greenway Inventor Man
Because of you, we can travel great distances without a car OR a road.
Noooo mechanized transport, yeeeah.
You saw power line clearings and abandoned train track lines and thought to yourself:
"Damn... people should be walking here. And biking... and jogging ...and running... and dog walking...and doing non-vehicle related things"
Who knew the potential?
Some said that these abandoned grassy trails were for homeless people, but no, you saw the potential to attract yuppies and excercise junkies alike.
I loooove running in $200 shorts, oooh.
So crack open a cold-one Mr. putting-the-green-in-way, thanks to you, I can bike over eight miles and never see a car.
Okay... seriously. I do love the greenway, especially because it runs through my neighborhood. I walk my dog about 2 miles on it almost everyday and if I wanted I could go for over 8 miles (tempting, but after a full day of biking, no). Things I have seen on the greenway: Woodpeckers, herons, racoons, deer, turtles, hawks, belted kingfisher (my favorite bird), wildflowers, geese, crabs, ducks, egrets, berries, robins, snakes, and the very elusive and rare, squirrel. The amazing thing to me is that I will feel totally lost in nature, but on the other side of the woods is Savannah Hwy in all of its strip-mall, traffic nightmare glory. Here is what I am talking about...
This is just a little oasis of marsh and forest in my neighborhood with some dog fennel and a morning glory in front. Not the best picture but here is what part of the path looks like- with my little doggle running ahead (don't worry, I bring doggie bags).

This marsh helps clean the water running off Savannah Hwy...I don't think people realize it is behind all of the ugly buildings and gas stations.

So on a side note- people have been making comments about me not being able to evacute for the hurricanes without a car. Don't worry- you won't see me biking down I-26 with Sadie in my front basket with a storm on my heels. I am not that stubborn... I will leave if necessary and hitch a ride with one of many of my awesome ridesharing friends. :-)


Liz Remus said...

I found your blog via Go Green Charleston.

I think what you are doing is great!! You are my inspiration. I would also like to bike to work/school but I keep making up all sorts of reasons why I can't. I am working on changing that though.

Until then, I will continue to read your blog. Thanks for doing this :)


smitty190 said...

I, too, found your blog via Go Green Charleston. Originally from the upstate of SC, now living in northern California, I can understand the difficulties in trying to ride a two-wheeled human powered machine where most people think that only their four-wheeled piece of metal should go. It is awesome what you are doing - continue to lead the way! :)

sedric said...

You are awesome andd what you are doing for the environment rocks!